The worldwide discussion about climate change affects everyone and has led to a frantic call for new developments. Renewable energies will pay an important role in future-oriented energy systems throughout the wordl so that we can reduce pur dependence on fossil fuels and, at the same time, reduce their effects.

Based on the idea

“solar energy won’t run out and the sun does not send us a bill”

EPS soltec is developing intelligent products aimes at protecting the environment and saving costs in the long term. EPS producta are chatacterised by their extremely high quality and convincing technology.

Forwad-looking ideas, clear positioning and technical perfection in terms of implementation are the guarantees für our success. We stand behind these ideas, we believe in them and we work according to them.

Now is the time for change.

Accompany us on the road towards an independent future – for the sake of our environment and our children, ultimately, for our own sake.

Richard Hutter